Goodpoints / 3 Points

Goodpoints is a community based news application from a company that I co-founded. It features a front page, topics page and organizations page which are all ordered based on the amount of interaction users have with the content. The desire was to game-ify news content to create highly engaged communities around specifics topics.

The profile would also be a important screen for the user to track their own progress/status. Our hope was that users would thrive to earn points for supporting the topics they care about. Whether that is something like climate change or their favorite basketball team. Those points would ideally earn them credibility in the community. 

Goodpoints is the first step in creating a template that we could use for other topics, companies, IP, etc. It's a product we hope to expand and grow to help facilitate social impact. 

I created the UX, visual design and branding in collaboration with the other two founders. The idea is that we could publish apps every week under a new topic using the framework that we have created. In the future we will be iterating on the product based on the data we're collecting and hopefully some user interviews.

The app is available here