Globe Investor

We were approached by the Globe and Mail to create the Globe Investor app for iOS, Blackberry, and iPad. I art directed, designed the user experience, created the mocks in photoshop for iOS and iPad, and coordinated the production of assets for all 6 resolutions (gasp!).

I loved working with the Globe and Mail guys. They were super smart. We collaborated the entire way through and they pushed us to justify our decisions. At the time their wasn't a lot of great mobile prototyping software. So we had to iterate on software on device. 

In creating this application we needed to give the user to access specific stocks instantly while also being able to browse the colossal amount of content the client's website contained. We created a number of systems to solve this puzzle including a robust search and by centering the home screen around the "My Watchlist" feature. The app was later voted one of the top financial apps of 2011 by Apple Canada.