Goodpoints is a community based news application that two friends and I created under our company hunhu. It features a front page, topics page and organizations page all which are ordered based on the amount of interactions users have with the content. The goal is to game-ify news content to create a highly engaged community around specifics topics. The first iteration is centered around social impact. I created the UX, visual design and branding in collaboration with the other two founders. The idea is that we could publish apps every week under a new topic using the frame we have created.

The app is available here

Early UX / Product Design wireframes. We had just pivoted to trending content from donations and this was my purposed product design. We have iterated quite a bit since these wireframes but this give you an idea of the functionality.

A set of branding explorations for Goodpoints. We wanted the plus to be included because it was such a large part of the functionality of the application.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends